The Counselors at the San Jose Vet Center (SJVC) know that it’s hard to focus on anything else if you are having trouble feeding, clothing or housing yourself and/or your family!

That’s why you will find help getting settled, and much more … so you can get your best life back, by moving on to the other issues you need to conquer like a soldier.

The SJVC has networks to help you with job training, including interview training and direct employment opportunities with companies that like to give veterans the leg up you have earned.

Once you have a job, so you can afford some of the things you want, you can get on to the issues that will keep you growing, such as AnxietyRelationshipsSleep IssuesAddictionFlashbacksDepressionPTSDWithdrawal, or any of the other issues listed on the right.

The even better news is that you don’t have to wait to get help!

As long as you have a DD214, the SJVC can start helping you Right Now!   They can also help your loved ones.

Give them a call.  You have nothing to loose because it’s FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.  You can even start anonymously!

You deserve your best life back – get all the help you have earned!

San Jose Vet Center is open from 8 AM to Midnight weekdays and 8 AM to 4:30 PM on weekends and most holidays.  (408) 993-0729


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