Individual and Group Counseling 6

Vet Centers and Mental Health clinics of the VA offers both individual and group counseling.  Each has it’s own types of benefits for you.   If you do not want free help from the government, there are plenty of options in your local community that you can find by clicking on the topics you are interested in on the Landing Page.

Below is a list of the types and frequencies of sessions that are typically available at the San Jose Vet Center, each month.

There are other sessions and activities as well, that are scheduled less frequently, or seasonally.

HOWEVER, the only way to participate in these sessions is by first meeting with one of the SJVC counselors, for an initial talk about your needs. So, Please call 1-408-993-0729 to enroll and get details.

AA – 4 times a month

Anger Management – 14 times a month

Benefits – 4 times a month

Couples Counseling – 5 times a month

Depression – 4 times a month

Hear & Now Group – once a month

HUD/VASH (Housing) – 4 times a month

MOVE (living a healthy life) – 4 times a month

Music APP – twice a month

Peer/Empowerment – once a month

PTSD – 26 times a month

Significant Other – twice a month

Seeking Safety  – 6 times a month

WW II – twice a month


In addition to the above, there may be additional Federal, State and Local Government resources for you.  

Go to our Landing Page and check all the boxes of issues you want the help you've Earned.  Enter your zip code in the box at the bottom, press "search" and you will see the Local Community service providers for your issues, in additional to your local VSO and other government resources.

Be sure to check off the "Claims and Appeals" box to maximize your compensation and benefits for yourself and your loved ones.

It's your turn to get your best life back!  You've EARNED it with your service!

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